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                                                                                                                        April 8, 2016


To whom it may concern:

As you are aware, many changes have come to the health care field, and thus, providing health care services has become extremely challenging for a small practice such as this one. Due to many complications in insurance, billing, government mandates and reduced reimbursements to physicians, Lake Foot Clinic, Inc. has changed its business model, and also its location.


This letter is to notify you that we will no longer file for or accept insurance payment. This practice henceforth will be a fee for service practice, devoted to the patient's best care rather than the myriad of machinations required to chase insurance reimbursement.   On behalf of Lake Foot Clinic, Inc., I  wish to advise you that we will  be relocating to a new location, as yet undetermined. In the meantime I will take a leave of absence effective June 1, 2016, to resume at a new location sometime in the late summer. I appreciate the association we have had over the years and I wish you well in the more difficult environment to come.


You can continue to call the business phone number listed above and leave a message indefinitely as that number will be ported with this business. However, we will have no fax service, so you can correspond by sending  first class mail to the attention of:   James T. Rotella, D.P.M.,  217 East Badger Ave. Eustis, Fl. 32726.  I apologize for any inconvenience this presents, and appreciate your consideration.


                                                                                    James Rotella, D.P.M.